Singulair fills the gap between Asset Management and Field Services solutions.

We make it easy for renewable energy companies to make the most of drone technology as an industrial tool to increase performance, reduce costs, and manage a portfolio across a vast geographical scope.

Inspection protocols design and planning procedures are handled through our SaaS platform in order to streamline the service request.

Our “Uber-like” network of professional drone pilots make it easy for anyone to utilize drone technology and inspect their assets.

Then, using Artificial Intelligence for defect detection and location, we convert aerial data into accurate, high-value analytics and reports.

Our services

We digitize our customers portfolio of assets through a GIS interface, with accurate GPS location, equipment make and model, plant configuration and other characteristics. In some cases, drone are used in the planning phase to generate digital terrain models (DTMs).


Drone inspections produce a significant amount of data that require to be further processed and analyzed. We have designed a machine learning framework to efficiently detect, localize and categorize the defects that impair asset productivity.


Both for safety and quality reasons, we design our own library of control plans. They are designed to align our community of drone pilots and enable service scalability, regardless of the geographical location.


Portfolio owners, asset managers, or equipment manufacturers can access a comprehensive dashboard from inspection reports. Various views are available: charts, thumbnails, GIS interface.


No need to invest into costly and quickly obsolete fleet of drones. As we grow our international network of operators, we take care of mission planning and assignment within a community of highly qualified service providers.


What matters most to our customers! We pair AI algorithms with maintenance business rules in order to suggest repair tasks according to defect type and criticity. Hence, maintenance technician can receive a detailed briefing on where and how to fix the issues.


Regular blade inspections are critical to the wind turbine industry. Both for asset performance, as well as for keeping O&M budget under control, as repair costs increase non linearly while degradations progress.

From surface damages to add-ons missing parts or even more serious structural cracks, aerial inspections have proved to be much quicker, safer, cheaper and more efficient than methods using ropes or ground based binoculars.

As wind turbines are widely spread across vast geographical regions in the world, the successful industrialization of aerial inspections depends on a dense network of qualified operators.  Not being dependent on a specific proprietary equipment configuration is key to service scalability.

Ultimately, Artificial Intelligence algorithms bring a significant contribution to speeding up the data processing, resulting in faster analysis and decisions for repair.

That is exactly what our TurbineWatch platform brings to the turbine manufacturers, asset managers, and utilities companies.

> Integration with customers’ ERP or Asset Management systems

> Drone mission planning and service request at one click away

> Defect detection and categorization powered by AI

> Automated reporting features resulting in repair recommendations

Turbines under management
€ Saved on inspections

As the use of drones has proved to be relevant and cost effective to many industries, a growing number of enterprises are now willing to adopt the technology. However, a vast majority of them is seeking to avoid capex immobilization, fleet management concerns, operating risks, equipment obsolescence and costly support that relate to the acquisition of drones.

Amongst issues to tackle prior to commissioning drone operations are: business requirements definition; supplier sourcing; proper insurance cover checkup; equipment (drone & payload) assessment; compliance with air & privacy regulations policies; ability to process and analyze the collected data; expertise in converting inspection reports into actionable data. Because of these numerous hurdles, enterprises find it difficult to turn local drone-based experimentations into a full-scale aerial inspection strategy at nation or continental scale.

This is our mission to help solve the issue.

At Singulair, we have built a network of 5,000+ professional drone pilots across the world, and we are happy to welcome new members to our community. We pay a lot of attention to the equipment configuration (drone and payload), the business expertise in maintenance inspection, as well as strong records in compliance with aeronautical safety rules that apply in each country we deliver the service.


As soon as our customers generate a service request from either TurbineWatch or SolarWatch, the mission is assigned to a professional drone pilot from our community. In parallel, potential regulation and weather forecast constraints are being identified and addressed.


Our inspection control plans are key to ensuring the industrialization of the data collection process in a consistent way. But they also help setting the business rules that connect the defect classes, the training materials and power our AI algorithms.


We provide our community of pilots with applicative services enabling them -when on site – to ensure data collection protocols consistency as well as quality checks prior to uploading the data on our secured cloud platform.


Borrowed from physics where Singularity is a point beyond which known laws cease to apply, we see the combination of drones and Artificial Intelligence as a way to surpass human capabilities in dull, dangerous or difficult situations or environments.

Drones are just a mean to an end. But coupled with Artificial Intelligence, the « Drone As A Service » promise stands for an on-demand aerial service from a scalable network of suppliers delivering actionable data through an enterprise ready reporting workflow.


Singularity is the moment beyond which technological progress will become incomprehensively rapid and surpass human intelligence. Singularity is both our vision and our promise to our industrial customers.


Artificial Intelligence is key to our industrialization process. We are using machine learning and neuronal networks to automate image analysis and defect detection.


Singulair use drones to provide high-quality images and video of inspections. Drones enable safer, cheaper and faster aerial inspections and allow massive asset digitization.


Singulair is proud to have built strong business partnerships with major industry players


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